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  1. To provide opportunity for higher surgical trainee to get exposure and familiarize with the conduction of scientific meeting.
  2. To promote fraternity among the hospitals.
N.B. It is not intended to replace individual hospital in-house training program.

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Terms of reference

Title of the Event
Joint Hospital Surgical Grand Round

  1. Presentation must be done by higher surgical trainee.
  2. Each trainee gives 12 minutes presentation plus 3 minutes discussion.
  3. There is no restriction in the content of the presentation and it is not necessary to have a common topic between hospitals.
  4. In principle, each hospital will contribute one presentation but priority will be given to trainee that had not presented before.
Rotated among the hospitals.

Three times a year.

On the 3rd Saturday of April, August and December each year, and move to the following Saturday automatically if it is a public holiday.

Saturday morning: 10:30 amíV 12:30 pm (breakfast will be served before the meeting, to be organized by the host hospital)

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History of JHSGR

The first Joint hospital Surgical Grand Round was held in June 2000 at PYNEH, but the conception of this event went back a few months earlier when the COS and trainer of PYNEH, UCH, AHNH met and chat at an causal occasion and felt that there was a lack of opportunity for the HST (higher surgical trainee) to get themselves exposed to the scientific presentation environment to an large audience and this was why the JHSGR was organized. The dedication to surgical training among these HA hospitals was rather unusual when service provision was the norm at that time.

The event turn out to be successful and the idea and objectives of the JHSGR were shared and supported by other hospitals (NDH, PWH, TKOH, RH) that subsequently join the circus.

The format of the event remained almost unchanged since started. The principle is to keep it simple and flexible. There is no need for a common theme and each presentation can be a stand alone event on its own.

In order to allow more HST to get exposed the presentation time was now shorten to 12 mins from the original 15 mins so as to keep the total time of the event unchanged. To start and finish on time is important as it has to fit in the schedule of all the 7 hospitals.

A Review meeting in June 2002 among all the COS restated our determination to run the event and had consolidated on the role of the trainer and on how we can maximize this event as a learning experience. The importance of coaching during the preparatory phrase was highlighted and equally important was the feedback and debriefing after the event to the HST by the trainer.

The presentation evaluation system was introduced in June 2002. It aims to provide a structured feedback to the HST on the content & delivery of their presentation and should form a base for discussion between the HST and their trainer/coach.

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