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Mr. Michael LI
Chief of Service
Dept. of Surgery
Pamela Youde Nethersole
Eastern Hospital

Dear Trainers & Trainees,

I am sure you would join me to give great applause to the success of our ˇĄG7ˇ¦ JHSGR since its start in 2000.

I always have a vision to bring our higher surgical trainees to the stage of world conference and let them experience giving presentation of topics of their interested area to a large audience and also receiving challenging feedback & queries to drill their research technique as well as communication skill.

The JHSGR provides a vivid environment and it turns out to be a regular event which both the trainers & trainees are looking forward to. No doubt, it is an occasion for all of us to learn, share and be inspired.

I wish to give my congratulations to all who involve to make the JHSGR a truly successful training activity and I envisage that our higher surgical trainees are becoming more professional and mature in serving the community.

The launch of this website which hosts all presentations provides our future HSTs with good reference for professional development. My special appreciation to Dr. SK Li, the coordinator, who makes it real.

Mr. Michael LI
Chief of Service,
Dept. of Surgery
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital