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Dear Trainees,

Joint surgical grand round is great fun for all of us.

For the presenters, you may feel stressful but take it easy.
Remember: for the topic material, you should be the most knowledgeable person in the audience because you had spent hours doing the preparation.
Remember: for most of you, it is one of the few precious occasions in your whole career that you can speak in front of a big audience.
So make best use of it.

For the consultants and senior colleagues,
We always enjoy listening to your talk.
Most of the time we learn something new.
Besides, I like to meet our new faces and I will be kind to you.
God knows, maybe you are the ones who will be treating us when we are old.

For the others,
It is great fun to see how the presenter responses to the questions.
Besides, you may enjoy chattering with your fellow classmates during the lunch afterward.

Joint surgical grand round is great fun for all of us.

Dr Yuen Wai Cheung
Chief of Service
Dept. of Surgery
Ruttonjee Hospital